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Our Story

Early into his career as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Blank Passage's founder, Chris Gamble, felt ready to move on. His time providing mental health services had been a roller-coaster ride that left him disillusioned with the field altogether. He knew he wanted to continue mental health work, but something had to change. The services available to the mostly low-income, Black youth and families he worked with seemed to fall short in meeting their needs. Combined with the structural inefficiencies of the public mental health care system, the work became unsustainable.

Chris' experiences left him with many questions and lessons worthy of being shared. He didn't know what his career would look like going forward, but he decided he would write his way into whatever came next. Blank Passage became the necessary bridge. The name symbolizes both the creativity it takes to turn a blank page into a story and the uncharted path of changing how our systems of mental health care are understood.


Use storytelling and education to shift the narratives shaping our systems of mental health care.


The general public will be equipped with tools to work toward creating the social conditions needed to foster optimal mental health across communities.

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