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My name is Chris Gamble, and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and author based in Washington, DC. Working in mental health has solidified the importance of stories for me. The stories we use to explain what has happened to us and the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves frequently show up in the therapeutic space. Facilitating the process of helping people writing their next life chapters has been an honor and a challenge. I've taken a break from providing therapy, but my continued people-facing work keeps me inspired by the human experience.


My earliest storytelling inspirations were anime and video games. Anime taught me that there is always another step someone can take to overcome obstacles. Through the interactive, immersive worlds of video games, I found that trial and error are key parts of solving seemingly insurmountable problems.  Along the way, I've developed a range of genres I like to read, including Black literature, sci-fi, fantasy, and deep historical/social/political analysis. I work to draw from each of these in my own writing, with the aim of creating mental health themed speculative fiction.

For insight on my writing journey and other topics, be sure to check out  the Blank Passage blog. Also, see where my other writing has been published at the link below.

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