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Tales of a Black Therapist

Tales of a Black Therapist Ebook.jpg

What does it take to be a Black therapist?

Drew Gaines has developed valuable insight over his ten-year counseling career and is now at a point where he wants to share his wisdom. He has decided to do this by starting a mentoring group for Black male college students planning to enter the mental health field. When he meets the first promising recruit, Amir, he finds an eager young man unaware of the challenges ahead of him. As the two try to understand each other’s perspectives, Drew uses several stories from his early career—from the therapy session, to the classroom, to the dinner table—to detail the obstacles he encountered in hopes of keeping Amir from facing the same.

The demand for Black therapists is high, and for anyone who has ever wondered what comes along with fulfilling that call, these vibrant stories will provide an insider’s view.


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