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About Us

Blank Passage is an independent publishing press. Our name represents the creativity needed to turn a blank page into a story. Here, we create our own path.



My name is Chris Gamble, and I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and independent author based in Washington, DC.  My time in the mental health field has left me with questions and lessons worthy of being turned into stories. Thus, writing has become the path to share my experiences, with Blank Passage serving as the bridge. I will be releasing my debut novel, Tales of a Black Therapist, in Summer 2023. For insight on my writing journey and my thoughts on various mental health topics, be sure to check out and subscribe to the Blank Passage blog.


Tales of a Black Therapist

Coming Summer 2023

Tales of a Black Therapist is the story of Drew Gaines, a seasoned counselor starting a mentoring group for Black male college students planning to enter the mental health field. When he meets the first promising recruit, Amir, he finds an eager young man unaware of the challenges ahead of him. Through several tales from his early career, Drew shares the obstacles he encountered in hopes of keeping Amir from facing the same. Find out what it takes to be a Black therapist later this summer, 2023!


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BP silver logo final.png
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